Calendar & Bookings

Scheduling of appointments and bookings presented on a monthly calendar.

We offer a master calendar for your business. Use it to create and schedule Appointments, Bookings and track important Tasks. Start experiencing the advantages that even better customer service can provide.

Booking Checklist
Easily track your Spa

Easily track each step of your Spa or booking with our Pre & Post Booking Checklists. The Bookings Section will let you track and organize all relevant information for your bookings. From notes and driving directions, to hostess & guest info. It's all right here.

All your events in one place

The Datebook is the place for you to track all the things you have going on - that big upcoming Spa, monthly team meeting, or your daughter's dance practice - it can all go right here. Your appointments, bookings, and tasks are easily organized in one central place. If an event changes, easily drag and drop the event to the new date or time.