Accessibility & Security

Our accessibility and security practices keep the app reachable and safe.
Accessibility Browsers

Because Consultant Office is web based, which means you can use it as long as you have an Internet connection and a modern web browser. There is nothing to install or configure. Using Consultant Office is like having your own tech support team built in. The Consultant Office team monitors the application 24/7 to ensure its availability, reliability and security. Also, great new features are always being added all the time. You'll never be required to purchase an upgrade or hassle with complicated installations to make use of them. This ensures you always receive the latest technology, software and features -- and the highest quality service at no extra cost. You have 24X7 access to your data from anywhere that Internet access is available. Talk about a great solution for the Consultant on the go!

Security Security

We take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our application is hosted with Microsoft Azure, a recognized leader in high-end hosting. None of your sensitive billing information is stored on our servers. We leave that up to ProPay. A well respected and trusted provider of payment processing.

At Consultant Office we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) just like online banking services to encrypt the information that passes between the browser and the server to stop any potential hackers from accessing your data in transit. Access is username & password protected. Password resets can only be processed after identification checks or via a reset email delivered to the user's email address. Once logged into the system a user can only access information that they have permission to view. We utilize various methods and techniques that protect against hacking attempts, malicious software and computer viruses. When you compare our security measures to the average home user's computer, we believe we are substantially more secure than 99% of home computers.

Data Protection

Our servers are protected by industry leading firewalls (gatekeepers). These servers are protected and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by highly skilled technicians. Our servers are backed up each evening and the backups are kept in multiple secure facilities designed specifically to house sensitive media.