Sales & Invoicing

Easily create invoices and track product deliveries and payments.

Print an invoice or email one directly to your customer. If you choose to email it, you will be notified immediately after customer views the invoice. Track payments when you receive them or have us apply the payment automatically when you tie your ProPay account to Consultant Office, a feature exclusive to Consultant Office. You can also easily apply discounts, track personal use, donations and more. You can easily track partial payments and even what product was delivered and when.

Get Paid Faster

Set up online payments or your invoices and see your sales increase. Research shows that invoices are paid nearly twice as fast when online payment is enabled. You can easily link your Consultant Office account to your ProPay account to start realizing the benefits of integrated payments! Don't have a ProPay account? Not a problem, we're good friends with great people of ProPay and can help you start the process to setup an account with their service.