Inventory Management

Keep accurate track of your inventory and always know what's on hand.

Stop wondering what product is on your shelf and start knowing. With Consultant Office you will always be certain of what you have in stock. Why not take this responsibility off your already full plate. Let us keep the product catalogs up to day for you and the current pricing too. All that is required to get started is to tell us how many of an item you have on your shelf and how many of it you'd like to keep in stock. Then go sell, sell, sell!

Loans, Borrows or Adjustments

Consultant Office changes your product quantities automatically after every purchase and sale, but occasionally you may need to adjust them yourself. For example, you may want to loan product to a friend or an item could be get broken or spoiled. Or, you might need to make an adjustment after taking a manual count of your inventory. We make it simply for you to track these types of inventory adjustments.